Management Consulting

Management Consulting Services

At Khum MK Investments we pride ourselves with the capacity, capabilities and potential to deliver best in class management consulting services to our clients. At the core of our success in management consulting is our pledge to provide consulting services that are quality driven, customer focused and results oriented. We achieve this because we have invested largely in the identification, attraction and retention of competent management consultants who always thrive to exceed industry norms and thus achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.


Our Approach

Our approach to consulting emanates from our understanding that every project has an element of change in them, and that organizational change is a journey and must be managed as such, instead of being seen as a short cut to business or organizational success. This journey comprises of many parts and change points, each with its own dynamics and requirements. In addressing our clients’ organizational challenges we have developed a comprehensive Journey Management approach that ensures success in the most structured and cost effective ways. Our approach to management consulting is guided by the following principles:

  1. Organizational diagnostics
  2. Business Case Development
  3. Change Management
    • Stakeholder management and communications
    • Developing critical path for change
    • Milestone Management
  4. Resource Management
  5. Organizational Development
  6. Strategic Alignment & Implementation
  7. Skills Transfer & After-Care Support